Having water flow out of our home as easily as it flows in is how we like it, right?  Then suddenly there is THAT day when things just aren’t going according to plan...

If you find that your morning shower is turning into a bath because the water isn’t draining…or if your dishwater is still standing in the sink from the night before…or if the toilet is clogged and EVERYTHING is backed up, we are here to help you.  

Here’s how we can help:

You pay nothing if the line can’t be cleared.  And if we can’t clear the line, we will find the problem for you.  It may be that there’s a break in the line causing the stoppage and we will need to address that issue for you. 

Drain cleaning is under warranty for 30 days.  If it stops draining after we leave, we will come back out for free.  Usually a repeated stoppage is an indicator that we may need to camera the drain line to make sure there aren’t any breaks.  And there’s always the chance that the problem isn’t the drain line at all, but what is getting put down the drain.  Toys…potato peelings…your left over fiber supplement…super fluffy toilet paper…builder grade toilets…these things aren’t kind to drains!

Everything you need to know about keeping your drains clear.

The best way to clear a clogged drain line is through clean outs.  Clean outs are sometimes on the outside wall of your house covered with a cap.  You may have seen this outside near where your kitchen sink is located.  Other times a clean out is a PVC pipe with a cap over it in the front flower bed.  Most homes have them, but that isn’t always true.  Sometimes there really isn’t one…sometimes there isn’t one close enough to where the stoppage is in the line…and sometimes there is one, but it hasn’t been used in so long that it is buried under landscaping and mulch. 

We can clear a line without clean outs, but it isn’t ideal.  When there isn’t a clean out, the best option is to install one so that the line can be cleared completely and it provides easy access when another stoppage occurs.  The other options for clearing a line are clearing it from a roof vent, cutting into a vent line in the attic, pulling a toilet, or digging up the yard line.  Each of these options comes with additional challenges, but our plumbers are all experienced professionals that can help you determine your best solution. 

Drain cleaner purchased at the grocery is bad for you and your drains.  I know that there are a ton of brands out there and shelves full of these products in stores.  We have all seen the commercials about how quickly they dissolve clogs.  I even saw a post online once from a consumer that said, “The stores wouldn’t sell all of these drain cleaners if they weren’t safe and effective.”  Really?  That ranks right up there with, “Everything on the Internet is true!”  Please just call us instead.  Those chemicals are dangerous and you and your family shouldn’t be breathing them.  They aren’t good for the environment either.  And finally, they aren’t good for your plumbing and may not even solve your problem.  Most drain cleaners only dissolve certain things.  Grease, yes.  Hair, no.  Drain cleaners are also corrosive and will damage older cast iron and copper lines over time. 

We recommend Bio-Clean for keeping drains clear.  Bio-Clean is an enzyme product that cleans naturally.  Treating your drains with Bio-Clean once a month will help keep your drains flowing.  You may ask the technician that visits your home for this product.  One container will last you for months!

Repeated stoppages?  Roots in the line?  We can also help with sewer repair

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