My name is Tanya Holden and my husband Lewis and I operate North Dallas Plumbing.  So you’re either going to know exactly what I’m talking about here because you’re a woman, too, or your wife is probably going to be the one at home when the plumber shows up.  So either way, you can probably relate.

I’m going to be honest here--no one really wants to have to call a plumber.   You’re calling a plumber because something has gone terribly wrong.  There’s no hot water…or there’s water everywhere.  Or, even worse, it isn’t just water!

So here’s what you want…

  • You want someone to come over RIGHT NOW, not next week!
  • You want a professional who not only knows what he’s doing, but will tell you everything you need to know. (Without acting like you’re stupid, thank you very much.)
  • You want a fair price without any surprises.
  • You want a guarantee on the work.

Am I right?  If that’s what your need, North Dallas Plumbing can help you.

We always try to schedule you the same day you call…

and AS-SOON-AS-HUMANLY-POSSIBLE if you have an emergency that just can’t wait.  As with any company, there are times that we are busy and we can’t get to you right away.  We will let you know what to expect when you call. If it’s going to be later in the day, we will tell you.  If it really will be tomorrow, we will tell you!  What we won’t do is book your appointment, tell you we will be right there, and then not show up for hours.  I PROMISE!

We schedule our first appointment of the regular workday at 8:30 a.m.  If you need someone to be there at a specific time, this is always the time slot I suggest.  Our other appointments throughout the day are scheduled in two-hour windows.  (8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., 10 a.m. to noon…You get the idea.)  I know, I know.  A two-hour window seems ridiculous when you’re the one waiting around, pacing the floor.  But, let me see if I can help…

…if you can’t take off work to wait for us, we understand.  Just let our office staff know when you schedule your appointment how much advance notice you need to meet us.  We will call you when we know that our technician is on the way.  That will give you plenty of time to wrap things up and get home. 

But what if we schedule you between noon and 2 p.m. and we miss our appointment window?  Unfortunately, plumbing can be a little unpredictable so our office staff knows to call as soon as we know there’s a problem.  Ideally, we would let you know by, say, 1 o’clock if we are not going to make our noon to 2 p.m. appointment.  But then again, I have had a tech say he’s almost ready for his next call only to call back a bit later and say something came up.  Gggggrrrrrrr!  Not your fault…and you’re waiting…

…So how about an automatic $20 credit on your account?   And you can still use whatever coupon you have in hand.  Sound fair?

What should you expect when our plumber arrives at your home or office?

(Keep in mind that these are the rules for our guys.  If it’s any different, call our office immediately and we will fix it for you.)

Our plumber arrives at your house in a company vehicle.  As we make our transition to North Dallas Plumbing, some of our trucks will still have the Holden Plumbing logo.  He parks within view of your door (if at all possible).  He knocks on your door wearing a North Dallas Plumbing shirt.  Before he enters your home, he covers his shoes with booties to keep your floors spic-and-span.

Once you tell him about your problem and he examines everything, he provides you with a price to fix your problem for you.  For most routine repairs, the price for the repair comes directly out of our Flat Rate Pricing Guide.  (…so he’s not inflating the price because his last call was a no-show.)

How does our Flat-Rate, Up-Front pricing help you?

Well, have you ever had a plumber at your house that told you it was going to be X number of dollars per hour, only to have him dragging the job out as long as possible?!  No one wants to follow a plumber around prodding him to finish a job. 

We give you a price up front for the whole job. Period.  If it takes one hour, that’s the price.  If something doesn’t go quite right and it takes two hours, the price doesn’t change.  You still just pay the quoted price. 

Are there exceptions?  Yes.  Why?  We can’t see everything that’s hidden in the walls or under the ground.  What can we do?  We can be honest. 

If there are variables we can pinpoint before we start work, we note that on your written up-front pricing.  If we find a new problem after we start, we tell you as soon as we find it and give you a price.

By the way, we have a $59 service charge.  (I’ll tell you in a minute how to get it for FREE anyway.)  I just can’t bring myself to send licensed plumbers running all over town giving out free estimates for normal repairs.  Because let’s face it, all that money for the techs’ time and gas has to get passed along to someone and I don’t want it to be you when you actually do need a repair RIGHT NOW instead of just a quote. 

But you still want it for FREE, right?  It’s super easy!  If you have the work completed by us the same day, we will waive that fee for you.  (And yes, you can still get the Facebook Like discount, too.)

Here’s what to expect when it comes down to the repair itself…

Our technician will let you know how long he thinks the repair will take and if he needs to leave to get special parts.  (Our trucks are well-stocked, so this isn’t always necessary.)

Once the repair is complete, the technician cleans his work area, shows you the repair, and gets your approval for the work before he leaves.  He isn’t going to leave until your satisfied that everything is perfect.  We really do want you to be happy.

We guarantee our work long after we leave…

If you are like me, you buy quality and believe that should extend to repairs. North Dallas Plumbing uses only quality parts and our plumbers make quality repairs.  We warranty residential repairs for a full two years.  Commercial repairs carry a full one-year warranty.  Our drain cleaning warranty is 30 days.  (Sorry, we just can’t guarantee what your your children or your employees—same thing—will put down the drains!) 

Call 972-247-6468 for service or schedule online.